Lighting and ventilation

Questions for monitors

What are the cell window sizes? Can they be opened by the detainees? Are they blocked by security devices?

What is the general quality of the air and the level of humidity? What is the ambient temperature?

Can the detainees regulate the ventilation themselves?

What heating system is in place? Is it suitable for the climate?

Do the detainees have control of the light switches? Are there areas where the lighting remains switched on all night?

Is there enough natural light to enable detainees to read and work without damaging their eyesight?

What is the condition of the ventilation system and the quality of lighting in the kitchens and in the infirmary?

Are there poorly lit or poorly ventilated areas within the facility?

What is the state of the lighting and ventilation in the disciplinary and solitary confinement cells?

Do the detainees have access to the exercise yard? If so, how often and for how long?

Do any of the detainees have tuberculosis? What measures are being taken if this is the case?


What are the housing conditions of pregnant detainees and detainees who are nursing and/or who have young children with them? Do they have sufficient access to fresh air and natural light?