Eau et nourriture

Questions for monitors

Do the detainees have access to clean water at all times? How is this access ensured when there is no running water in the cells/dormitories?

Does domestic law stipulate quality criteria for meals served to detainees?

What is the annual food budget of the prison per detainee?

At what time and how are meals served? How much time are detainees allowed to eat their meals?

How is the menu selected? Are health personnel involved in the menu selection process? Do the detainees have the opportunity to submit suggestions regarding their meals?

Are inspections concerning hygiene and the nutritional value of the meals carried out regularly?

What are the current meal arrangements for detainees during their transfer or for persons who have just arrived in the institution?

Where is the kitchen located, and what are its conditions of hygiene and ventilation?

Are food warehouses protected against moisture and other harmful elements? Are food stocks, including product expiration dates, checked regularly?

Are the detainees allowed to receive food from their families? Are detainees and their families familiar with the restrictions in this regard?

Are precautions taken to avoid fire or electrocution when detainees cook meals in their cells?

What products are available in the prison shop? Are their prices affordable/equivalent to those of products sold outside?


Is there any indication that food management is controlled by certain categories of detainees? If so, what is the impact on the most vulnerable detainees and what remedial measures are taken by the authorities?

Do disciplinary sanctions involve the deprivation or restriction of water and/or food?

In cases where the meal and/or shop services are outsourced to a private company does this have any impact, either positive or negative, on the prison population?


Are the meals served to detainees from ethnic, indigenous or religious minority groups adapted to their customs and beliefs?


Do detainees from ethnic, indigenous or religious minority groups have the right to observe fasting periods in accordance with their religion or beliefs? If necessary, are arrangements to accommodate fasting periods put in place by the authorities? Can detainees interrupt their fast at any time?


Do detained minors benefit from adequate nutrition adapted to their growth?


Do pregnant or breastfeeding inmates receive appropriate food? Do they receive the necessary support of qualified health personnel?


Do detainees who have recently given birth but whose children are not with them in prison receive a diet tailored to their specific nutritional needs?