Accès à l'information extérieure

Questions for monitors

What access do detainees have to the media (type, hours of access, placement of TV/radio/newspapers, free or user-pays)? 

Are there restrictions? If so, are they reasonable, and is there a clear, publicized policy on this?


If there are children or young people detained, are they able to access age appropriate material in various formats?


Are indigenous detainees, ethnic minorities and foreigners able to access external information of that meets their interests and language needs?

Is there a library or library service? What are the conditions of access? What is the nature and extent of material available through the library?

Is there a clear and appropriate policy on censorship of external information that is adhered to in practice? Is it done on a case by case basis rather than blanket exclusion of publications?


What sorts of arrangements are made for detainees with a disability in accessing external information?

To what extent do NGOs and community groups work inside the prison? Is contact between NGOs and detainees promoted and facilitated?

Is there a system of lay visitors in place? Are all detainees who want to access the visitor able to effectively do so?