Questions for monitors

Are detainees allowed to phone friends/relatives/ family? How often?

Are there sufficient numbers of telephones to meet demand from detainees? Are they positioned so as to be physically accessible and private from other detainees listening in to calls?

Are there arrangements in place for detainees without the ability to pay?

Is the cost of telephone calls, including international calls, the cheapest available and affordable for detainees?

Is monitoring of telephones done only for a legitimate purpose, and for a limited time?

Does communication with legal counsel and other “protected persons” take place without interception or censorship and in full confidentiality?  Are letters to lawyers exempt from being opened?

What are the modalities for detainees to send and receive mail? Are correspondence materials (paper, pen, stamps etc) available and affordable?

Is mail received intact and in a timely way?

If mail is censored, is there an appropriate policy that sets out criteria for censorship, which is known by staff and detainees? Is there an appropriate policy for receiving parcels that sets out how many can be received, what contents are appropriate, and security measures applied to screening parcels?


Is there the possibility for special arrangements to be made, so that particular groups that may not get many visitors (such as women, children and foreigners) are still able to have meaningful contact with the outside world?