Disciplinary measures

Questions for monitors

Is the disciplinary regime part of the prison law?

Are disciplinary offences and the associated sanctions listed in the law?

Which sanctions are most frequently used? Are informal disciplinary sanctions imposed by the authorities?

Is the legality of disciplinary procedures controlled?

Is a copy of the disciplinary regime made available to detainees as soon as they enter the establishment?

Are detainees aware of behaviours that constitute violations of the disciplinary rules and regulations?

What methods of resolving disputes are used by the prison staff before imposing a disciplinary sanction?

Is recourse to disciplinary sanctions used as a last resort?

Are disciplinary measures recorded in a register? Are the types of offences, the duration of the measure and the name of the person who imposed it also recorded in the register?

Are sanctions recorded in a register?


Are certain categories of detainees punished in a discriminatory manner?

May people who have been subject to sanctions appeal against the decision?

Is the power of control and imposing sanctions exercised exclusively by the detaining authorities?