Moyens de contrainte

Questions for monitors

Are the conditions and ways in which methods of restraint used enshrined in law?

What are the situations provided for in law which permit the use of means of restraint?

In practice, how are the means of restraint in fact used?

What is the internal management procedure concerning the use of means of restraint?

Is a doctor involved in the procedure to assess the means of restraint used?


Are instruments of restraint used in a discriminatory manner with regards to certain groups of detainees?

Does an internal procedure enable the proportionality of the means of restraint used to be regularly assessed?

What are the physical means of restraint used by the authorities?

Are the members of staff trained, in a practical and theoretical way, in the conditions for recourse to means of restraint?

Is sedation used as a mean of restraint? If this is the case, is a doctor involved?

Is a doctor routinely consulted when “four-point restraints” (or more) are used?


Are methods of restraint used on detainees who are minors?


Are methods of restraint used on pregnant women?


Is a doctor routinely consulted when means of restraint are used on disabled detainees?

Is the use of methods of restraint recorded in a register?

Does every allegation of abusive use of means of restraint give rise to procedures of administrative and/or legal enquiries?