Use of force

Questions for monitors

What is the legal framework for the use of force in the prison setting?


Does the law prohibit the use and carrying of weapons in establishments for minors?


How is the carrying of weapons (lethal and non-lethal) regulated by law?

How is the use of electrical discharge weapons regulated?

What measures are taken by the authorities to avoid the use of force (dynamic security, techniques for de-escalating violence, etc.)?

Are staff interventions involving the use of force proportional to the situations with which they are faced?

How is the issue of the use of force included in the training of prison staff? What is the emphasis placed on?

Are detainees who have been subjected to the use of force examined and treated by a doctor immediately?


Are certain categories of detainees subjected to the use of force in a discriminatory manner?

Are instances of the use of force routinely recorded in a register?

If there is an allegation of the abusive use of force, is an administrative and/or legal investigation opened?