Registros de celdas

Questions for monitors

Are the circumstances, conditions and terms of cell searches defined in a piece of legislation?

Are search procedures detailed in the institution’s rules?

Are personnel, staff, detainees and visitors aware of the search procedures?

Are cell searches conducted only when necessary and in proportion to the safety operation?

Are cell searches conducted in the presence of inmates concerned or their representative?

Is the detainee informed that their property is being confiscated? Do they know that the list of those items is listed in an operational report?

Are detainees’ damaged personal property replaced?


Is special care paid to goods with a strong cultural or religious meaning?


Is special care taken during cells searches of dormitories occupied by minors?

Are cell search personnel clearly identifiable (registration number, no head gear or mask allowed during the search)?

Are detainees informed of which items are prohibited and where it is forbidden to place objects in the dormitories or cells?

Are staff trained to conduct cell searches in a way that is respectful to the detainees’ dignity?