News on Prevention

EU, Argentina and Mongolia launch global Alliance for Torture-Free Trade
September 20, 2017
South-Eastern European NPMs share concerns over treatment of persons with mental disabilities in detention
June 1, 2017

OPCAT Status

OPCAT Ratification : January 23, 2007
UNCAT Ratification : July 16, 1993
NPM Designated :

Human Rights Ombudsman, in collaboration with NGOs (Slovenian Red Cross, Legal Information Center for NGOs, Primus Institute, Slovenian Federation of Pensioners' Organisations and Novi paradoks)

NPM Type :

Ombuds Plus Institution

NPM Legal Framework :

OPCAT Ratification Law, Official Gazette n°20/2006 International Treaties, Official Gazette n°114/2006 (Unofficial translation)

Human Rights Ombudsman Act

Republic of Slovenia Constitution


Population : 2 010 347
Area (sq km) : 20 273
Number of prisons : 7
Prison population : 1 301
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