The APT has a longstanding engagement in Madagascar since 2005. Thanks to fruitful partnerships with local actors, the work of APT contributed to the ratification of the UNCAT in December 2005, to the drafting and adoption of a national anti-torture legislation in 2008, and to OPCAT ratification in 2017. The APT is now focusing on the promotion of an effective implementation of the June 2008 Law by conducting education, advocacy and awareness raising actions. 

News on Prevention

Madagascar: Strengthening the rights of persons in police custody
October 26, 2018
Madagascar: launching a three-year pilot project to implement key safeguards against torture in police custody
June 21, 2018


Preventing torture in Africa: Lessons and experiences from NHRIs (2016)
August 24, 2018
Combattre la torture à Madagascar (2012)
February 5, 2018
Combattre la torture à Madagascar - Manuel du formateur (2015)
February 5, 2018
Combattre la torture à Madagascar: Compilation de textes juridiques et autres documents pertinents (2012)
January 30, 2018
OPCAT Global Forum 2011
November 23, 2012

OPCAT Status

OPCAT Ratification : September 21, 2017
UNCAT Ratification : December 13, 2005


Torture Laws compilation