Costa Rica

News on Prevention

New paper series on safeguards to prevent torture in Latin America
July 12, 2018
Detention monitoring workshop for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
May 31, 2018


Series on Safeguards to Prevent Torture in Police Custody in Latin America
September 13, 2018
Realidades de los Mecanismos Nacionales de Prevención de la Tortura en América Latina (2014)
February 5, 2018
Regional Forum on the OPCAT in Latin America - Outcome Report (2014)
February 5, 2018
Putting prevention into practice - OPCAT 10th anniversary booklet (2016)
February 5, 2018

OPCAT Status

OPCAT Ratification : December 1, 2005
UNCAT Ratification : November 11, 1993
NPM Designated :

Decentralised unit within Ombudsperson's Office (Defensoría de los Habitantes)

NPM Type :

Ombuds Institution

NPM Legal Framework :

The Ombudsperson's Office was initially designated as NPM through      Presidential Decree N° 33568 (13 December 2006). Later, a specific legislation was adopted, NPM Law N° 9204 (18 February 2014)

Decree regulating the NPM Law N° 9204, Decree N° 39062-MJP (16 July 2015)


Torture Laws compilation