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Moldova - OPCAT Situation

Updated 07.08.2017

Moldova ratified the OPCAT in 2006 and established its National Preventive Mechanism in 2010. There was a lack of clarity about the nature of the National Preventive Mechanism as Moldova adopted a hybrid-type model: the National Centre for Human Rights was designated as the NPM, together with a Consultative Council.

In October 2012, Moldova received a SPT visit focusing on NPM issues. The authorities and the NPM received a separate SPT report in January 2013. Both the reports to the NPM and the State have been made public.

In April 2014 a new law on the Ombudsperson's Office was adopted and published in the Official Gazette in May 2014, including provisions on the NPM. The law establishes a Council for the Prevention of Torture (NPM), composed of 7 members, including the Ombudsperson, the Ombudsperson for children and 5 members proposed by the civil society. The Council is chaired by the Ombudsperson.

The SPT member Kosta Mitrovic is the SPT Focal Point for Moldova.

Opcat status
OPCAT Ratification July 24, 2006
UNCAT Ratification November 28, 1995
SPT Member Mr Victor Zaharia (2013-2016; 2017-2020)
NPM Designated

Council for the Prevention of Torture, composed of 7 members, including the Ombudsperson (Moldovan Centre for Human Rights), the Ombudsperson for children and 5 members proposed by the civil society.

NPM Type

Ombuds Plus Institution

NPM Legal Framework

Law N° 52 on the People's Advocate (Ombudsperson's Office) - 3 April 2014

Population 3 656 843 (estimation July 2012)
Area (sq km) 33 851
Number of prisons 17
Prison population 6 476
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