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Moldova - OPCAT Situation

Updated 02.12.2015

Moldova ratified the OPCAT in 2006 and established its National Preventive Mechanism in 2010. There was a lack of clarity about the nature of the National Preventive Mechanism as Moldova adopted a hybrid-type model: the National Centre for Human Rights was designated as the NPM, together with a Consultative Council.

In October 2012, Moldova received a SPT visit focusing on NPM issues. The authorities and the NPM received a separate SPT report in January 2013. Both the reports to the NPM and the State have been made public.

In April 2014 a new law on the Ombudsperson's Office was adopted and published in the Official Gazette in May 2014, including provisions on the NPM. The law establishes a Council for the Prevention of Torture (NPM), composed of 7 members, including the Ombudsperson, the Ombudsperson for children and 5 members proposed by the civil society. The Council is chaired by the Ombudsperson.

The SPT member Marija Definis-Gojanovic is the SPT Focal Point for Moldova.

Opcat status
OPCAT Ratification July 24, 2006
UNCAT Ratification November 28, 1995
SPT Member Mr Victor Zaharia (2013 - 2016)
NPM Designated

Council for the Prevention of Torture, composed of 7 members, including the Ombudsperson (Moldovan Centre for Human Rights), the Ombudsperson for children and 5 members proposed by the civil society.

NPM Type

Ombuds Plus Institution

NPM Legal Framework

Law N° 52 on the People's Advocate (Ombudsperson's Office) - 3 April 2014

Population 3 656 843 (estimation July 2012)
Area (sq km) 33 851
Number of prisons 17
Prison population 6 476
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