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France - OPCAT Situation

Updated 20.07.2017

France decided to create a specialised institution dedicated to torture prevention  before ratifying the OPCAT. In October 2007, a legislation was passed to establish the General Controller of Places of Deprivation of Liberty and the mandate-holder was appointed in 2008 for a six-year term. Shortly after, France ratified the OPCAT. In May 2014, an amendment to the Act on the General Controller was adopted to expand its mandate.

The SPT member Petros Michaelidis is the SPT Focal Point for France.

Opcat status
OPCAT Ratification November 11, 2008
OPCAT Ratification comment

OPCAT ratification law n°0176 on 30 July 2008

UNCAT Ratification February 18, 1986
SPT Member Ms Catherine Paulet (2014-2018)
NPM Designated

General Controller of Places of Deprivation of Liberty (Contrôleur général des lieux de privation de liberté)

NPM Type

New Specialised Institution

NPM Legal Framework

General Controller law, n°2007-1545 of 30 October 2007 (French version)

General Controller law (English unofficial version) of 30 October 2007

Law n° 2014-528 of 26 May 2014 amending the General Controller Law (French version)

General Controller implementing decree n° 2008-246 of 12 March 2008

Decree nomination Jean-Marie Delarue of 13 June 2008

Population 66 553 766
Area (sq km) 643 801
Number of prisons 188
Prison population 66 678
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