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Norway - OPCAT Situation

Updated 08.08.2017

Norway ratified the OPCAT at the domestic level in May 2013 and deposited the instrument of ratification to the United Nations on 27 June 2013: it became the 69th State Party to the OPCAT.

The Parliamentary Ombudsman has been designated as the National Preventive Mechanism. A specific NPM department was created within the Ombudsman.

The SPT member Victor Zaharia is the SPT Focal Point for Norway.

Opcat status
OPCAT Ratification June 27, 2013
UNCAT Ratification July 9, 1986
SPT Member Ms Nora Sveaass (2015-2018)
NPM Designated

Parliamentary Ombudsman

NPM Type

Ombuds Institution

NPM Legal Framework

Parliamentary Ombudsman's Act amended on 21 June 2013 (English unofficial translation)

Instructions for the Parliamentary Ombudsman amended on 17 June 2013 (English unofficial translation)

Population 4 610 820
Area (sq km) 324 220
Number of prisons 47
Prison population 3 446
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