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Nigeria - OPCAT Situation

Updated 08.08.2017

On 27 July 2009 Nigeria ratified the OPCAT and, in September of the same year, established a new specialised institution as its NPM: the National Committee on Torture. The Committee started to be operational in 2011.

The SPT conducted an OPCAT advisory visit to Nigeria in April 2014. The visit report has not been made public yet.

The SPT member Satyabhooshun Gupt Domah is the SPT Focal Point for Nigeria.

Opcat status
OPCAT Ratification July 27, 2009
UNCAT Ratification June 28, 2001
NPM Designated

National Committee on Torture

NPM Type

New Specialised Institution

NPM Legal Framework

Terms of Reference of the National Committee on Torture

Population 181 562 056
Area (sq km) 923 768
Number of prisons 240
Prison population 57 121
Federal Structure Nigeria has a federal system of government with power shared between three tiers: Federal, the (36) States and the (774) Local Government Areas. The Constitution vests each tier of government with powers in its area of jurisdiction. There are also three l
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