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Netherlands - OPCAT Situation

Updated 08.08.2017

The Netherlands ratified the OPCAT in 2010 and designated six different institutions as NPM in December 2011. In January 2012, two institutions merged into the Inspectorate of Security and Justice (IVenJ), which acts as the NPM coordinator. In addition, in 2014 the tasks of the Supervisory Commission on Repatriation were also merged with the IVenJ.

It has not been explored so far whether the OPCAT applies also to the Caribbean islands that are part of the Netherlands. As for now, the Dutch NPM has not carried out any visit in this area, and there was no mention of those islands during the appointment process.

The SPT carried out an advisory visit to the Dutch NPM in July 2015. The report to the State was made public.

The SPT member Margarete Osterfeld is the SPT Focal Point for the Netherlands.

Opcat status
OPCAT Ratification September 28, 2010
UNCAT Ratification December 21, 1988
NPM Designated

4 bodies are designated as the NPM: the Inspectorate of Security and Justice (IVenJ), which also acts as coordinating body; the Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ); the Inspectorate for Youth Care (IJZ); and the Council for the Administration of Criminal Justice and Protection of Juveniles (RSJ).

NPM Type

Multiple Institutions

Population 16 877 351
Area (sq km) 41 543
Number of prisons 51
Prison population 12 638
Number of therapeutic establishments 13
Number of Detention Places for Migrants 4
Special juvenile establishments 9
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