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Chile - OPCAT Situation

Updated 20.07.2017

Chile ratified the OPCAT in December 2008. One year later, a new National Human Rights Institute was established by law and the government informed the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture about its intention to designate the NHRI as the NPM, although the NHRI's founding legislation did not include any reference to the OPCAT.

The NHRI started its operations in 2010 and discussions are ongoing with the Government on the steps needed to establish an NPM within the Institution.

The SPT visited Chile in April 2016. The SPT report was made public.

The SPT member Roberto Michel Fehér Pérez is the SPT Focal Point for Chile.

Opcat status
OPCAT Ratification December 12, 2008
UNCAT Ratification September 30, 1988
NPM Designated

National Human Rights Institute (Instituto Nacional de Derechos Humanos)

NPM Type

National Human Rights Commission

NPM Legal Framework

National Human Rights Institute's Law (10 December 2009)

Population 17 363 894
Area (sq km) 756 102
Number of prisons 103
Prison population 43 961
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