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Cambodia - OPCAT Situation

Updated 10.01.2014

Cambodia ratified the OPCAT in 2007 and established an Intergovernmental Committee as its NPM two years later through a sub-decree approved by the Prime Minister.
The NPM is a temporary body and discussions are currently ongoing on how to establish an independent NPM.

Furthermore, Cambodia received a first visit by the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture in 2009 and the report has not been made public yet.The SPT made a follow-up visit to Cambodia in December 2013. The report of this visit has not been sent to the authorities yet.

The SPT member June C. Pagaduan Lopez is the SPT Focal Point for Cambodia.

Opcat status
OPCAT Ratification March 30, 2007
UNCAT Ratification October 15, 1992
NPM Designated

Inter-governmental committee

NPM Type

Other: Inter-governmental Body

NPM Legal Framework

Sub-Decree No. 122 SRR (7 August 2009)

Population 14 453 680
Area (sq km) 181 035
Number of prisons 24
Prison population 13 957
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SPT Visit: (2-11 December 2009). The report has not been made public yet. Follow-up visit (9-13 December 2013). Press release.

Communication to the SPT: Official Correspondence from Cambodia (12 January 2009)

CAT: Concluding Observations (November 2010)

UPR: Report of the Working Group (January 2010)