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UN Global Compact on Migration: Preventing torture of migrants should be at the core of the Compact
2 documents
Welcome decision to drop charges against human rights defenders in Thailand (2017)
PDF - 265.21 kB
Thailand: Reprisals against human rights defenders have no place in a peaceful society (2016)
PDF - 224.58 kB
Joint NGOs Statement following the arrest of the President of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey
PDF - 303.63 kB
OPCAT 10 years on: Time for renewed commitment to prevent torture (2016)
PDF - 208.76 kB
Open letter to the President of Mexico: Concerns over smear campaign against victims and defenders (2016)
PDF - 455.94 kB
Counter-terrorism: The EU and its Member States must respect and protect human rights and the rule of law
PDF - 118.35 kB
Suisse : L’initiative de « mise en œuvre » ou l’effritement de l’Etat de droit
PDF - 231.69 kB
Civil society organisations from the Americas urge the closure of Guantánamo (2016)
3 documents
APT condena ataque contra Presidente del mecanismo de prevención de la tortura chaqueño
PDF - 255.13 kB
The security and powers of the Torture Prevention Mechanism of the State of Pernambuco must be guaranteed
3 documents
Les ONG demandent que la Suisse fasse davantage pour lutter contre la torture (2015)
PDF - 326.74 kB
Argentina should take historic step for the prevention of torture (2015)
PDF - 271.61 kB
Serious implications of ruling against Maldives’ Human Rights Commission (2015)
PDF - 228.24 kB
UN Standard Minimum Rules: Welcoming the adoption of the revised Rules by the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
PDF - 106.80 kB
Perú sigue incumpliendo obligaciones internacionales en materia de prevención de la tortura (2015)
PDF - 219.43 kB
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